We are fortunate to do most of our work from Tasmania, an Australian state that runs on 100% renewable energy. The combination of hydroelectric power and the reduction of logging activities here means our home is net carbon negative.

Elliott Systems is conscious our work in the online world has an environment impact in the natural world.

Where possible, our projects make use of the Jamstack - a series of system design and technology choices that can save resources and energy during the build and upkeep of digital platforms when compared to traditional approaches.

In our value chain, cloud-based hosting infrastructure plays an notable role in our total emissions. Our platforms use multiple providers, mainly Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

It is difficult to calculate the carbon footprint across the full lifecycle of our digital projects, but a recognised collective has developed a sustainable web design methodology for reporting emissions. It's an encouraging initiative, and they have a website carbon calculator to assess a web page's performance.

We want our projects to be at least 50%+ cleaner than the average website calculated. The results of this very page are: